How to make pesto

salmon pesto rolls recipe

The salmon pesto rolls, a quick sandwich that is good, healthy and refreshing. Everyone knows the
amazing taste that the combination of smoked salmon and cream cheese has; now here we take
advantage of this and add pesto with avocados. You can use this recipe for a delicious appetizer, too.
Simply cut the wraps across, into small sushi-like rolls.

pesto spinach seafood lasagna


•1 pound sliced good quality smoked salmon
•3 oz cream cheese, at room temperature for a softer texture
•1/4 cup basil pesto, bought at the store or homemade, as outlined in this site
•Diced avocados, coated in lemon juice to slow down oxidation
•Croissants or your favorite tortillas; any one of the two


Mix the cream cheese with your pesto in a bowl.
We will use this combination as a sandwich spread along with the salmon, avocado, and the croissants.

For the appetizer, spread on a tortilla laid flat, put the salmon on top and finish with the avocados.
Roll up the tortilla to eat as is, or cut the wrap across into half inch rolls as an appetizer.
Another appetizer idea: you can use mini pitas, or miniature croissants, and fill them with the pesto/cream cheese
with smoked salmon combination... this makes a delicious appetizer too.