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Pesto brie bruschetta recipe

Pesto brie bruschetta, another mediterranean idea for a nice refreshing pesto appetizer. All these ideas presented on this site for appetizers may very come in handy in a little summer patio party or barbecue. Combine this recipe with other ideas found on!

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Cut thin slices of baguette, as many as needed,
fresh basil pesto, preferably homemade or bought from store, Pesto recipe found here,
enough Brie cheese for every slice of bread,
halved cherry tomatoes


Spread pesto on each slice of bread and lay brie slices on top, the cheese being cut to fit each slice of bread.
Place in toaster oven and toast until bread is slightly toasted and brie has melted. You can also use broil setting from the oven for this.
Pull out of the toaster; put a tomato half on each small french bread toasts.
Arrange on a nice colorful serving platter and  serve the pesto bruschetta to your guests while warm.